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The Concept

Snow Globe is often used as a gift, and it has a sense of festiveness. So I used this as an idea for the company’s Christmas short video.
I also put the three letters of the company’s ACY name in the Snow Globe scene to convey the brand image.

  • Role

    Digital Designer

Behind The Scenes

I would like to present this video in 3D, but creating 3D models and animation would take time, with so little time, it seems difficult to achieve my goal.

So, the alternative is to look for suitable materials. I have some images that appear to be 3D, but are actually just flat vector images.
I disassembled these images into different layers and imported them into After Effects to create animation. Also, add some expressions and camera movement to complete the fake 3D animation.

Some expressions are from Dan Ebberts' website.

christmas greeting
All those images are 2D vector format
Expression make your life easier
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