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The Concept

In this project, we aimed to create a design that combines retro and modern aesthetics, with an emphasis on Taiwanese style. The lattice window will serve as a unique frame for the video.
The product comes in five different flavors of noodles, the visual elements will be customized according to the taste of each noodle.

product branding
First draw
product branding
Lattice window, combined with retro elements
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  • Role

    Senior Designer

Behind The Scenes

It's not easy to shoot on a monochromatic background, our photographer is great, but those raw videos still require post-production. so I spent very little time on the motion design part, but a lot of time on color correction, trying to deal with overexposed footages. Since it's a food product, what I care most about is that the noodles must look delicious.

In addition, I also put a lot of thought into using editing, camera movement to make the video look more lively. Overall I am very happy with the result, it was a valuable experience for me.

product branding
Raw material footage
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Selected Works