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The Concept

"A gift box that moves with the rhythm and floats in the air, what surprises might be hidden inside?" This was my initial thought.

I love this simple, slightly surreal, and cute style.Also, to give a sense of space, not only to add depth to those bulbs, but also to add motion blur of the golden sphere in the foreground, which simulates the effect of short focus traditional lense.

Because there are so many objects, it's impractical to manually adjust all the keyframes. So I combined manual keyframing and expressions of After Effects to animate various elements, I made those trees dance with the boxes and they look alive! I am pleased with the final result.

happy new year banner
  • Role

    Digital Designer

Behind The Scenes

Animating those ribbons will be time consuming, I decided to replace ribbon with scattered confetti, which is generated by "CC Particle World".
Overall, the timing and pacing could have been more accurate, but I really enjoyed the whole production, it was fun!

happy new year banner
In the final version, I replace ribbon with scattered confetti
happy new year banner
Use “CC Particle World” to generate these paper pieces
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